Hottest Older Celebrities In Hollywood

Aging is inevitable and most probably, it’s the ultimate fear of every celebrity in Hollywood. And it is no secret though that the stress of their life could take its toll, particularly as they age. Be that as it may, there are still lots of Hollywood celebrities who seem to get more attractive as they get older. Read on and get inspired from these older Hollywood celebrities who have not passed their prime yet;


Halle Berry

Let’s talk about ageless beauty! Halle Berry, despite her busy schedule as a mom, didn’t hesitate to impress the press with her toned abs. At the age of 47, she has been working so hard to keep her ageless figure. She shared that she’s always on a diet and it eventually becomes her lifestyle.

George Clooney

Last 2014, George Clooney has to go and marry Amal Clooney. Fans had been enjoying his single status for all of these years prior to the day that he found his ultimate love. Setting that aside, this handsome ‘Hail Caesar’ actor is getting more striking by the day, not to mention that he’s already 55.

Tom Cruise

At the age of 54, Tom Cruise should not miss this list. He is not slowing down looks-wise and work-wise. This sizzling hot actor could still perform just different kinds of action stunts and make our eyes wider with excitement (and lust) in the process.

Cameron Diaz

This beautiful lady first made her appearance in Hollywood in the movie ‘There’s Something About Mary’ as well as ‘The Mask’. Recently, she starred with Will Smith in the film ‘Anne’. Right now, she one of the actresses more than 40 years who keeps on conquering the Hollywood industry.

Jennifer Lopez

Without a doubt JLo, being a bombshell at the age of 47 is included in this rundown. Last 2008, it has been reported that she did a triathlon. But she never fails to stay fit as she’s currently training with Tracy Anderson, a celeb trainer to shed fat through focusing on the small muscles all over her body. Her trainer also collaborates with New York-based trainer David Kirsch. Generally, she only eats lots of lean protein such as salmon and veggies although she enjoys eating beans with pork and chicken and childhood comfort food.

Gerard Butler

This Scottish actor appeared on television, film, and stage. Considered as everyone’s fave Spartan, Butler was nothing but hot, as always.

Denzel Washington

Starred at the ‘Training Day’, Denzel Washington seems not to get old ever. He got the looks he had right from the time he started to work as a drama star.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt married one of the most stunning girl in the world (Angelina Jolie) – which simply indicate that he got genes. And he didn’t lose it, even after raising six children with his wife.

It turns out that the older these Hollywood celebrities get, the more sex appeal they got. Be inspired to stay fit and sexy just like them.

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