Will there be any audience participation?

The ONLY kind of participation we are enthusiastic about is vocal participation. So, please hoot AND holler! When you see something that moves you feel free to squeal, yell, clap and wildly cheer! Our performers love to know the audience is enjoying what they see, so please show your appreciation.

What should I wear?!

Think of coming to a Cum & Glitter show as you would a theatrical production. We definitely encourage  you to dress in what makes you fell the best. Some audience members come in jeans and a shirt, fetish/kink gear, others are dressed in suits and gowns. Be yourself. We appreciate all forms of dress.

Does the evening show run past the last BART train?

Yes. However you are highly encouraged to arrange for rides with local queer cab company, Homobiles. They travel to the East Bay as well. You can read more about their services at: http://www.yelp.com/biz/homobiles-san-francisco

Can I buy a membership at the door?

No. Please purchase your membership in advance http://cumandglitter.brownpapertickets.com/

Are you already sold out?

We have been selling out weeks before the show, so please get your invitation early so you can reserve a seat.

How do I decide between the Matinee & the Evening Show??

Come to both! Or flip a coin! Both shows are the same running time and will equally knock your socks off.

Is there security?

Yes. And they are buff.

That was amazing! I want to come to the next show!

Please email us at [email protected] to get on our mailing list! Or with any other questions about the show.